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Frequently Asked
Questions is an online platform that is entirely dedicated to providing all possible educational needs of learners in Zambia. On, learners can get acsess to study material, get study tips, career guidance, scholarship leads, textbooks and an online personal tutor. provides provides these services free of charge with an execption being made on an online personal tutor.

Simply visit and fill in the registration form under the "Register With Us" section on the homepage. When all the required fields, click on the "Create An Account" button to create your account. A link will be sent to your email address, open it and to verify your account.

You can pay for a lesson at the time of booking or top up your balance earlier and the book a lesson. You always pay in advance, but a tutor can withdraw money only after a lesson is finished. Of course if your tutor doesn't show up for a lesson, you won't be charged.

You can simply send a private message from the lead details page. tutors will let you know as soon as your Student sends you an answer. All the messages sent between you and your Student will be available in your mail Box.

The length of a session is not specified. There is actually no limit; the length of each session will be determined by the type of material being worked with (i.e. as long as the material requires).

Absolutely! Guaranteed, your identity with is safe and is not shared with the public or any other third parties unless you log in with Google or Facebook.

As a student, all you will need is a smart device i.e phone, tablet, PC. But for online tutors, you will specifically need a PC to carry out the basic functions of the site.

Of course! For the first two months of launcing our service, we are offering free service to all our clients. Also, the first ten clients to create accounts with will receive 12 months of free service from us.

One can use our service for as long as they want. The time at which you have your session can be arranged by you, the student, and the tutor, depending on what time you are both free.

Yes. We are a legitimate service registered with PACRA and, therefore, recognized by the government of the Republic of Zambia and do pay tax.

We are not yet specialised with working with students with visual and hearing disabilities. However, physically handicapped people can easily use our service.

Transactions between clients and are made via moblie money accounts. We as zedtutors want to make this service ascessible to all, even those who can't afford a bank account or are not yet old enough to have one.

To qualify as a tutor, you must possess a green National Registration Card and at least a Grade 12 statement of results with good grades i.e 5 merits or better. You will then be subjected to an aptitude test and if you obtain a minimum of 65%, you can qualify to be a tutor.

Depends upon course and time we will charge for lessions.

To start learning with Tutors, follow these simple steps: Pick your user name and create a FREE account! Find a tutor. You can do this by searching for a keyword e.g. "Java" or browsing through categories. Schedule a lesson. Check the schedule of the tutor you have selected and send a "request for lesson" message. In it you will specify the date, time and conditions for the lesson. Check the price offered by the tutor and book the lesson.